You wake up and the first thing you see is a deep shade of blue.
Your body feels as if it was floating, and upon inspection you realize that you are floating. In fact, you’re sinking. If you turn your head, you can see a school of fish swimming pass before other marine life is in your view. Is this what you normally see upon waking up? Is it not? If so, does the sudden realization that you are slowly sinking further and further underwater make your body react, attempting to swim to the glimpse of light that slips past the waves above?
If you do, it will be deemed useless. But possibly between your attempts to return above the water or simply allowing yourself to sink, you realize that you’re capable of breathing. 
There’s a sudden urge to turn your back from the unapproachable exit, and you see yourself falling into a city completely submerged underwater. Fish and other marine animals swim past with ease as you continue to fall, with your feet landing first, and you find yourself in what seems to be in a town square. Before you is a large coral, and surrounding you are either familiar or unfamiliar faces.
"Welcome," A calm voice catches your attention, when a woman with short, white hair appears from the coral, "I know this is unexpected, but from today on, you will refer to me as your High Priestess. Or simply, Nanami. And I shall refer you as my worshipers. Your original homes are all in danger of being engulfed by the sea itself in response to the improper care it has been forced to tolerate all these years. If you wish to save your home, you shall cooperate by living in the city of The Horizon and performing tasks to help replenish the sea."
Shall you protest? If you do, Nanami will simply raise her hand in response, and you will experience a brief moment of not being able to breathe.
"This is your punishment. And any act of rebellion will fail since it is I who keeps you breathing.”

Within The Horizon is a panfandom roleplay group that focuses on life under the sea. Characters have been brought from their homes to worship the High Priestess Nanami to secure the rage of the seven seas from drowning their world.  Characters will have to worship or perform numerous tasks in order to please both Nanami and the sea itself.
Reservations are currently open! Applications will be open and begin processing on December 7th, 2013.

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Oh yeah, I remember that place. It’s in Iceland (of course). I saw it in a photoghaphy documentary - quite fantastic, actually -. So pretty!

Many tears will be shed if this is true.

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